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How much does a furnace inducer motor replacement cost?

$400 – $1,100 average replacement cost

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December 27, 2021

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Furnace inducer motor replacement cost

A furnace inducer motor replacement costs $400 to $1,100 on average. A furnace inducer motor assembly costs $100 to $500 for the part alone. Draft inducer replacement labor alone costs $300 to $600.

Furnace inducer motor replacement cost - chart
Furnace inducer motor replacement cost - chart

Furnace inducer motor replacement cost
National average cost $700
Minimum cost $250
Maximum cost $1,500
Average cost range $400 to $1,100

Cost data is from research and project costs reported by HomeGuide members.

Furnace inducer motor cost factors

The cost to replace a furnace inducer motor depends on the furnace manufacturer, accessibility, warranty, and location.

Cost factors to replace a furnace inducer motor
Factor Average cost
Furnace inducer motor assembly $100 – $500
Labor to replace $300 – $600
Total cost $400 – $1,100

Furnace inducer motor assembly part up close
Furnace inducer motor assembly part up close

Additional cost factors include:

  • Brand – Premium brand and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are typically more expensive than generic parts.
  • Motor type (PSC vs. ECM) – ECM motors are more expensive but run quieter and more efficiently.
  • Pressure switch – A new air pressure switch costs $15 to $80 for the part alone. This switch attaches to the inducer motor and often fails when old motors do.
  • Furnace type and size – More expensive inducer motor assemblies are necessary for larger furnaces with high-voltage.
  • Efficiency ratings – High-efficiency units with two-stage or modulating motors allow variable heat settings, costing more than single-stage blower motors.
  • Labor – Rates increase for hard-to-reach furnace locations and emergency calls.
  • Region – Hourly rates in larger cities are typically higher than in rural areas.
  • Season – Service and repair costs increase during peak cold weather due to high demand.
  • DIY vs. professional – DIY inducer motor replacement saves $300 to $600 in labor costs but typically voids warranties.
  • Warranty – Most furnace warranties cover parts for 5 to 10 years, but not labor.
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Furnace inducer motor replacement labor cost

Labor for replacing a furnace inducer motor costs $300 to $600 on average, depending on local labor rates, service fees, and job complexity.

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Draft furnace inducer motor assembly cost by brand

A furnace draft-inducer motor replacement costs $400 to $1,100, depending on the brand and part availability. A new inducer motor assembly costs $70 to $300 on average, or up to $600+ for original manufacturer parts (OEM).

Furnace inducer motor cost by brand
Brand Assembly part price Total cost installed
Armstrong $110 – $340 $400 – $950
Bryant $140 – $440 $450 – $1,050
Carrier $125 – $600 $400 – $1,200
Goodman / Amana $70 – $275 $350 – $900
Heil $80 – $520 $400 – $1,100
Lennox $90 – $775 $400 – $1,350
Rheem / Ruud $120 – $465 $400 – $1,050
Trane $100 – $635 $400 – $1,250
York $140 – $470 $450 – $1,050

Carrier inducer motor replacement cost

A Carrier inducer motor replacement costs $400 to $1,200, depending on the model. Carrier furnace inducer motor prices alone are $125 to $600 on average. Carrier parts typically cost more due to brand recognition and quality.

Trane inducer motor replacement cost

Replacing a Trane inducer motor costs $400 to $1,250 for parts and labor, depending on the furnace type. Trane designs, builds, and tests their own parts, which typically cost more in the higher price range.

Bryant inducer motor replacement cost

Replacing a Bryant furnace inducer motor costs $450 to $1,050, depending on the model. Bryant is part of the Carrier line of furnaces, and most parts are interchangeable. Bryant is the more economical version of Carrier, so their parts cost less.

Heil inducer motor replacement cost

A Heil draft inducer motor replacement costs $400 to $1,100, depending on the furnace type. Heil is an economical alternative in the Carrier brand family of furnaces. However, Heil parts are not compatible with Carrier or Bryant.

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Signs of a bad inducer motor

Signs of a bad inducer motor include:

  • Vibrating or rattling noises shortly after the heating cycle begins
  • Unusual sounds while the furnace is on, such as a hissing, loud hum, or screeching
  • Furnace starts and then stops suddenly
  • Unresponsive furnace that won’t run
  • Blinking LED lights showing an error code signal

A furnace inspection costs $70 to $130 and typically applies to any repairs made.

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What causes a furnace draft inducer motor to fail?

Common causes of furnace draft inducer motor failure include:

  • Faulty pressure switch
  • Filter or vent blockage
  • Loose, rusty, or unbalanced motor wheel
  • No power coming from the capacitor
  • Old age
  • Overheating
  • Worn internal bearings
  • Broken fan blades or loose parts

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Frequently asked questions

What is a furnace inducer motor, and what does it do?

A furnace inducer motor removes harmful gases from the previous heating cycle. The attached blower fan starts 30 to 60 seconds before burners ignite and pushes leftover gases out through the vent pipe. The motorized fan provides a steady oxygen flow to the burners until the heating cycle ends.

Another common name for a furnace inducer motor is “draft inducer blower assembly.”

How long do furnace inducer motors last?

A furnace inducer motor lasts 10 to 20 years on average. Annual maintenance is the best way to extend the furnace inducer’s lifespan.

How long does it take to replace a furnace inducer motor?

Replacing a furnace inducer motor takes 30 to 60 minutes, depending on inspection time, accessibility, and wiring requirements. Most HVAC technicians charge a minimum service fee regardless of the time spent that includes up to one hour of labor.

Does homeowners insurance or a home warranty cover furnace inducer replacement?

A home warranty sometimes covers furnace inducer replacement and other HVAC repairs due to normal wear and tear, depending on the plan type. Homeowners insurance only pays for the motor if the damages came from natural disasters, accidents, or theft.

Basic home warranty plans typically include HVAC systems. Some companies require extra fees for HVAC coverage.
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Hiring a furnace repair service

Before hiring a furnace repair service near you:

Questions to ask

  • Can you show me a list of references?
  • Do you provide free estimates?
  • How long will the job take?
  • Do you use original equipment manufacturer parts or generic parts?
  • Why did my inducer motor fail, and how can I prevent future motor problems?
  • Does the temperature setting affect the motor’s lifespan?
  • How often should I replace the furnace air filter?
  • Do I need to replace the pressure switch along with the motor?
  • Are there any other potential safety issues with my gas furnace setup?
  • What’s the best way to improve my indoor air quality?
  • Can you recommend ways to increase the efficiency and lifespan of my furnace?
  • Do you offer an HVAC maintenance plan? If so, what does it include?
  • Is there a warranty on your work or parts?
  • Will you provide a written summary of all repairs and maintenance?

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