How much does an AC condenser fan motor replacement cost?
Ashburn, VA

How much does an AC condenser fan motor replacement cost?

Ashburn, VA

How much does an AC condenser fan motor replacement cost?

$200 – $700replacement cost (not under warranty)
$100 – $300replacement cost (under warranty)

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$200 – $700 replacement cost (not under warranty)

$100 – $300 replacement cost (under warranty)

Get free estimates for your project or view our cost guide below:
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AC fan motor cost

AC condenser fan motor replacement costs $200 to $700 on average if not under warranty or $100 to $300 for labor under warranty. Central air conditioner fan motor prices are $100 to $400 for the part alone, depending on the brand, model, and voltage.

AC condenser fan motor replacement cost - chart
AC condenser fan motor replacement cost - chart
AC fan motor cost
Warranty status Average replacement cost
AC fan motor not under warranty $200 – $700
AC fan motor under warranty $100 – $300

  • AC repair services charge $75 to $150 per hour for labor.

  • Replacing the AC fan motor takes 1 to 2 hours.

  • The condenser fan motor may be covered under warranty if the AC unit is less than 10 years old.

  • Condenser fan motors typically require replacing instead of repair.

  • Replace a faulty condenser fan motor immediately as the compressor may fail, resulting in more costly repairs.

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Condenser fan motor replacement cost

The following table shows the average cost to replace an AC fan motor that is not under warranty.

Condenser fan motor replacement cost
National average cost $450
Minimum cost $100
Maximum cost $1,600
Average cost range $200 to $700

* Cost data is from research and project costs reported by HomeGuide members.

AC condenser fan motor prices

AC fan motor prices are $100 to $400 on average for the part alone, depending on the model, voltage, and whether the part is branded or generic. Some high-end branded or electronically commutated (ECM) condenser fan motors cost $400 to $700+.

AC condenser fan motor cost by brand
Brand Unit price Total replacement cost
Generic $70 – $300 $170 – $600
Carrier / Bryant / Payne / Heil $90 – $700 $190 – $1,000
Coleman / York $120 – $300 $220 – $600
Comfortmaker $140 – $500 $240 – $800
Goodman / Amana $70 – $350 $170 – $650
Lennox $100 – $700 $200 – $1,000
Rheem / Ruud $120 – $500 $220 – $800
Trane / American Standard $130 – $700 $230 – $1,000

AC technician replacing condenser fan motor
AC technician replacing condenser fan motor

HVAC fan motor replacement cost

HVAC fan motor replacement costs $200 to $1,200, depending on the motor type. Air conditioning systems also include a blower motor and a compressor motor.

Air conditioner blower motor cost

AC blower motor replacement costs $300 to $900 if not under warranty. The blower motor alone costs $100 to $500, depending on the brand, type, and speed. The blower motor is located inside the furnace or indoor air handler.

AC compressor motor replacement cost

Replacing an AC compressor costs $600 to $1200 if under warranty or $1,300 to $2,500 if not under warranty. A bad AC compressor motor typically means the entire compressor must be replaced because the motor is hermetically sealed inside the compressor unit.

Mini-split AC fan motor prices

Ductless mini-split AC fan motor prices are $270 to $600 with installation or $170 to $300 for the part alone. A ductless mini-split condenser fan is located outside and works like other HVAC system condenser fans.

Cost factors to replace AC condenser fan motor

Get free estimates from air conditioning repair services near you.
  • Brand vs. generic – Branded condenser fan motors cost more than generic or universal models.

  • DIY vs. professional HVAC maintenance costs $75 to $150 per hour. DIY saves on labor costs, but hiring a pro is recommended if the motor is not already identified as the problem. Symptoms of a bad condenser fan motor often mimic problems caused by other AC components.

  • AC capacitor replacement costs $100 to $250. The run capacitor should be replaced when replacing the condenser fan motor.

  • Additional AC repairs may be needed at the same time, depending on the cause of the failed motor:

  • An AC tune-up costs $70 to $200. Routine service may extend the condenser fan motor's life. Regularly changing the filter keeps the unit from over-working.

AC fan motor FAQs

What is an AC fan motor?

The AC fan motor or condenser fan motor drives the fan that pulls heat from the unit into the outside air, preventing the compressor from overheating. The fan cools the refrigerant moving through the condensing coils and helps the unit blow cold air.

The condenser fan motor is located in the outdoor condensing unit.

Signs an AC fan motor is not working

Look for these signs the AC fan motor needs replacing:

  • The AC takes longer to cool the home.

  • The fan does not spin when the AC is on.

  • The fan spins when the AC is off.

  • The fan spins very slowly.

  • Utility bills increase.

  • Loud noises coming from the outside condenser unit:

    • Clanking or rattling sounds indicate loose, faulty, or obstructed components.

    • Screeching or squealing sounds typically indicate failed bearings, which require urgent attention to prevent more significant AC problems.

How to check if an AC condenser fan motor is bad

Follow these steps to test if an AC condenser fan motor is bad:

  1. Confirm the thermostat is on.

  2. Confirm the circuit breakers are on. If the AC breaker is off, switch it to the middle or neutral position and then back on.

  3. Confirm the air filter is clean. A clogged filter blocks airflow and forces the unit to work harder.

  4. Check the fan from the top of the outside condenser unit. Turn off the AC if the fan is not spinning.

  5. Try carefully moving the fan blades manually with a stick or a screwdriver through the slits in the condenser top.

  6. Turn the AC unit on after confirming the blades are unobstructed. Try kickstarting start the fan blades with the screwdriver or stick.

    • Successfully kickstarting the fan blades typically indicates a failed capacitor.

    • An unsuccessful kickstart indicates the motor is likely bad.

  7. Schedule an HVAC technician to diagnose further if needed. A bad fan motor left unresolved leads to more significant and costly AC problems.

Tips for hiring an AC repair company

Before AC repair technician near you to replace your AC condenser fan motor:

  • Confirm whether or not the part is covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

  • Get at least three estimates to compare.

  • Look for a NATE-certified technician with experience in AC repair.

  • Browse their reviews on HomeGuide and Google.

  • Select companies that are insured, bonded, and have been in business for 5+ years.

  • Ask for references.

  • Avoid selecting the lowest quote as quality may suffer.

  • Get a detailed estimate, contract, and warranty in writing before the work begins.

  • Never pay in full before the project starts. Use a payment plan instead for work completed.

Questions to ask

  • Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

  • Are you NATE-certified?

  • What experience do you have with AC fan motor repair?

  • Is it better to repair or replace the motor, and why?

  • How long will the repair or replacement take?

  • How long should a new AC condenser fan motor last?

  • Is there a warranty, and if so, what does it include?

  • What is and is not included in the estimate?

  • What additional costs should I expect?