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We believe a lesson shouldn't have any time limits. Client's have lots of questions and some are even nervous. I believe the amount of time we give each client separates us from other great trainers. We don't look at our watch and say" okay, times out. See you next week" we want the clients to succeed which means the dog(s) live a better life as well😄

It is very rewarding to see folks start to get a grasp on what we're teaching them. A light clicks on and immediately you can see the connection between the client and their dog. It's really a wonderful moment for us. We really focus on teaching the client then actually teaching the dog 🐕


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3 years in business
Serves Pahrump , NV

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Puppy training, Aggressive behavior modification, General obedience training


Leash pulling, House training, Barking, Digging, Biting, Chewing, Destructive behavior, Crate training

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    Taylor r.

    Absolutely the BEST people to work with. The price for service and the amount of knowledge, explanation, patience, and continued guidance / support is beyond words. After my first call to them, explaining my dogs behavior, I instantly knew this was the right company to work with. They came to me for a consult of sorts to see how I acted with my dog, Lucy, and to see how she acted in her territory and to strangers. Steven took the time to explain to me what he saw. Robbie took photos and they referenced pics when explaining body language etc. You can just tell that they have passion for what they do and genuinely love training owners to be the best dog owners they can be. I have recommended them to 2 friends and both have had the same wonderful experience that I did. They trained me and my family and their methods are realistic and doable. They are not loud or aggressive teachers but theyre soothing demeanor was such a breath of fresh air AND EFFECTIVE. Will always use and recommend Steven & Robbie
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    March 11, 2022

    Frequently asked questions

    First I like to consult with the owners and hear their concerns and needs. To evaluate their interactions with the dog or dogs. Then I will demo the dog and go over a program with them.  We want to teach them to be great handlers to have a well behaved dog.

    I attended online training with ABC College and was certified in 2001. I attended Sit Means Sit No Limitations Dog Training school and graduated and was certified again in 2001. Overall I have 21 years of experience in obedience training.

    It's 250 dollars per lesson that can range between 2-3 hours. We don't charge an hourly charge because it will benefit the clients to be more relaxed and ask any necessary questions in regards to training. Our goal is to help clients attain the information needed to get the best results with their dog(s).

    Back into 2001 I came down with a illness that caused me to rechange the course of my life and that lead to the passion of becoming a dog trainer. I also wanted to provide help to client's in need so the dogs could stay on a well structured loving home environment.

    People providing a stable environment for their dogs, are willing to out in the work needed, that don't know where to start, and to provide a more stable environment for there pet.

    We had a client with a powerful female Cane Corso with dog aggression issues. After training with the client, the dog became very responsive to the training, and the client evolved into a better handler and is doing better on the walk now. She has overall seen great results.

    Do your research and have a personal one on one consultation with the trainers before officially hiring to discuss the issues you have with your dog. Look at performance and experience in the field of need for your given dogs issues.

    "How many lessons do I need?" "Can they fulfill my needs?" "Is the dog to old?" "Can you cure aggressive?" "Why is the dog anxious?" "How can I help my dog?"

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