Shayna At VCA Orchard Plaza Animal Hospital

Shayna At VCA Orchard Plaza Animal Hospital

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I strive to make every groom better than the last. I take the time necessary to do exceptional work, but also in a time frame that is comfortable for the pet. I groom alone, so my area is clean, calm, and quiet. I set my prices to include some services that other groomers charge extra for, such as special shampoos, conditioners, and leave in finishing sprays, so that I can give the best possible service every time.

There is NOTHING better than building a deep bond with an animal. I get to come to work every day and work with dogs that are happy to see me. I also am an artist by nature, so getting to make dogs look beautiful is gratifying. I love grooming so much that I don't want to do anything else. I have fought through some very serious odds to stay in this profession since 2005.


18 years in business
Serves San Jose, CA

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    Brittany S.

    Luna, my pup has been going to Shanea for grooming for several years and she is the only one I trust her with. She does an amazing dog and my baby is always happy to see her when I drop off and still happy when I pick her up! Her hair cut is always perfect and makes her cute little bows. We live it and will never leave :)
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    January 10, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    I sit down with them to get to know them a little. I want them to be comfortable with me. I listen very carefully, and ask pertinent questions to make sure that I know exactly what their expectations are (so that I can exceed them). I do my level best to build close working relationships with my pet parents. After the groom, I make sure that they are IN LOVE with their groom, and take note of their reactions for future visits. Anything that isn't to their expectations will be addressed immediately, and fixed if possible, though that rarely ever happens. 

    I apprenticed for 18 months and received my certification to groom. I later apprenticed another 3 years under a Master Groomer to further improve my skill level. I've been in the grooming industry since 2005.  

    Prices vary based on breed, size, coat condition, temperament and services requested. Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, Bordatella, and Canine Influenza vaccines are required for all services. Dogs 45 lbs and under, only. 

    I started working in a grooming salon as a bather in 2005 just needing a job, but during my very first week, I fell so in love with it that I KNEW I just HAD to be a groomer. 

    Mostly, I work with people that aren't just bringing me their dog, they are bringing me their fur children. They are trusting me with a very important member of their family. Some of them are very relaxed, and let me do whatever I want. Some of them are very specific in what they want. Some of them are afraid because they and/or their fur baby have had bad experiences in the past. Very rarely, and I think this is important to mention so that you understand what kind of a person I am, I have clients that have neglected their dogs for very long periods of time. My #1 priority is the safety and well being of the fur baby. I take it extremely seriously. In these cases, I do not judge. I do not make the parent feel bad for the condition of their dog, because I don't know what circumstances led to their current situation. I just do whatever is needed to make their baby comfortable again. It's also important to note that in such cases, it is very difficult for me, emotionally. I LOVE these animals like they are my own babies when they are with me. Even though it breaks my heart to see them in such bad conditions, I will always treat their parents with dignity and respect.  

    When some breeds of dogs are show dogs, their coats need to be hand stripped. Examples are the terrier groups, but also the sporting groups, such as English Springer Spaniels. In the show world, a clipper cut is not accepted for English Springer Spaniels because it technically ruins the coat. I do not fully hand strip dogs. However, I have a client that has an English Springer Spaniel. I groomed her baby with clippers, and the next day, she was at an AKC event for English Springers. Her dog won an award for her appearance. They told her that it is very rare for them to award clipper cuts instead of hand stripping, but this one deserved it. 

    Ask how long they've been grooming. Ask to see a portfolio. Make sure their grooming area is clean. Some hair on the floor while they are grooming a dog is expected, but it shouldn't look like 10 dogs worth of hair is everywhere. It shouldn't smell bad in their area. Make sure you're taking them to a place that is checking for vaccines so that your dog doesn't get sick during their stay. Also know that you get what you pay for. Good grooming isn't cheap for a reason. It takes a lot of years and hard work to develop our skills. It is back breaking labor. It is dangerous work.  ALSO, if your dog is aggressive, or even a little nippy, you are required by law to inform the groomer.  

    Please understand that if you can't get a comb through your dog's hair from the skin out on every inch of their body, the groomer will have to put in extra work. If a comb won't go through the hair, neither will their equipment. In some cases, it may not take much time to brush them. However, if it is severely tangled, it could take a long time. Long periods of brushing can potentially cause injury to their skin. It can be uncomfortable or even painful. In some cases, it simply can't be brushed out. In this case, the only humane option is to shave the coat. We can't shave through the middle of mats. The clippers can only go under the mats. Please just be mindful that while we want to give you the exact look that you want, in some cases, it just isn't possible. 

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