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Services offered are Check Ins/ Daycare/House Sitting/Boarding/dog walking. All fees are negotiable

I offer all day "Dog Party" nature trail walking/hiking all over the bay area including Santa Cruz. Currently, While you Pet Parents are busy, I can spoil your dog for one, two or more days. This Party will have yummy treats, toys, a nature trail walk/hike followed by a frolic at the dog park. I usually get together with another professional dog walker with his dogs and we walk as a pack. We usually do 5 to 10 miles on average. I, also, arrange Senor Dog Parties, as well, with less strenuous trails.The cover charge for a Dog Party would depend on what we are doing for a full day of pampering. I will have helpers if needed. We can do a meet and greet before hand. Hoping to make Your Dog my New Best Friend, Janice

I need your pet's love to help me mend my broken heart. 2 important males, my Dad and my teacup poodle passed away. Hiring me to take care of your pet will be good therapy for me and help me with the mourning process. Your pets need my care, but, I need their love more than ever. Since the passing of my Dad and My Boo Boo, I've borrowed other people's pets to be my emotional support. It's pets like these that have lifted my spirits and make me feel optomistic. I'm better than those huge pet care companies. I don't like to take care of many animals at once because I like to give quality one on one personal care. My animals are not bored and sleeping alot on my watch. I plan activities, games, etc. according to their personalities and parents request. My way of bonding with your pets is teaching them tricks including leash and behavior training. I've been rescuing and interacting with creatures big and small since I was a little girl. My parents never let me have pets until a Russian Blue charmed her way into our lives. Since than, 3 mutt dogs, medium to large size and two more cats were in my childhood memories. Since a little girl, I've been leash training and teaching my pets tricks from jumping through a hoop to putting money into a piggy bank. Since my parents never allowed me to have a bird, I bought a dove when I was older who I trained to fly everywhere I pointed. Currently, my sun conure knows more than 15 tricks from slam dunking a basket ball to raising a flag. She was an angry neglected bird who didn't even know how to fly. Now, she flies on my shoulders when ever her heart desires. As you can see, I'm a Bird Whisperer, as well. I, also, have experience with turtles, doves, cockatiels and more than 10 years experience with cats and bunnies and know how to litter box train them. I'm open to taking care of any type of animals because I love them all. My profile is, also, on Thumbtack which I passed an exclusive background check.

I never found a job that feels more like a vacation than a job. While caring for pets, I feel my happiest because they are filling in the void. It feels like a party when there are multiple pets in the home. One of my main jobs is to make my animals and their parents feel safe and comfortable. I, especially, enjoy gaining the confidence of a timid animal. I get the satisfaction of making the parents feel at ease and worry free while they are unable to take care of their pets. I feel a great sense of acomplishment when I solve a behavior problem or I ,sucessfully, leash train a dog. It's especially rewarding when pets perform their welcome back home trick to their parents. If it weren't for my Dad and my Boo Boo, I wouldn't have found my calling of taking care of animals as a business.


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7 years in business
Serves San Jose , CA

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    Dorothy F.

    We love this pet sitter! We highly recommend Janice, a truly unique
    affordable pet sitter. Giving your pet(s) to Janice is like sending your pet to summer camp, with a range if activities all day. She has dozens of unique toys and games, and takes your pet(s) on long hikes in nature and much more.
    We recommend Janice without reservation!
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    January 27, 2020


    Indira A.

    Your truly loving and attentive care, you took Sheila outdoors and gave her plenty of exercise and fun! You kept me posted with lots of pictures
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    February 02, 2019



    Janice did a terrific job with my pets. People usually have trouble taking care of my pets because I have a dog , cat and parrots. However, Janice saw my pets as no problem. She claimed she has owned all 3 of these pets before and I knew it wasn’t a bluff because she did a perfect job taking care of my pets. I would hire Janice again. She does a terrific job and my pets seemed very happy.
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    January 30, 2019


    Charity R.

    I thought Janice was perfect for my Turtle and cat. I’ve used her various times within the past year and she’s always a pleasure to be around and constantly keeps me laughing. It’s amazing how much of a good heart she has and it will really show if she watches your animals. She’s always my top pick for any of my pet sitting needs.
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    January 29, 2019


    Luz S.

    Janice is very caring and very accommodating. She made every effort to make sure I was comfortable leaving my two dogs for two weeks with her. She set up two meet greet sessions, the first one to meet them and the second to take them for an afternoon to ensure the dogs were comfortable with her. She communicated every day and sent me several updates. My dogs were so happy and comfortable with her and her mother, it was like they too were on vacation. I can’t thank her enough for the great care she took of my precious dogs and I will not hesitate to leave them to with her in the future.
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    January 27, 2019


    Kelli S.

    We’ve had Janice come take care of our dog and 2 cats several times. She always takes wonderful care of the animals. Each one gets dedicated playtime, treats, and our dog gets to go on fun adventures. I also love that Janice keeps us updated with pictures and daily check-ins.
    We plan to continue using Janice as our primary pet-sitter and dog walker. Our pets love when she comes to visit!
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    January 23, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    If they are interested in my services, I schedule a meet and greet with the pet and their parents. This is when I find out more about their pets and what services are needed. This is a good time to get aquainted with the pets. If the pet is timid and uncomfortable, I arrange several meet and greets to make the transition smoother. One of my main jobs is to make the pet amd their parents comfortable. 

    I've taken multiple courses that are animal related in college including behavior and psychology. Including being self taught, I've been reading and watching videos on leash and behavorial training since a little girl. I'm a natural in teaching the fun tricks. 

    I like to make my clients comfortable including pricing. i like to negotiate a pricing that is comfortable and what they can afford.  

    I get many types of clients. Most need pet care because they were going out of town or out of the country. This is why I offer to pick up and drop off their pets to make their trip alot easier. There is no extra charge for this service. Alot of my clients never had someone to take care of their pets. Some have alot of anxiety about someone else taking care of their pets. Making a client feel comfortable starts from my first contact with them including many updates, ,videos and pictures. 99% of my clients are repeat clients. 

    Recently I boarded 2 senior chihuahuas for 17 days. The dog parents said they sleep most of the day. On my watch, I don't let my animals get bored and sleep. Since these chihuahuas love to go out , this is what we did most of the time. I took them to many off leash nature trails, picnics, parks, dog friendly restaurants, dog boutiques, etc. This past Sunday the dog parents gave me a token of their appreciation, handmade handbag, with a huge embroidered heart with a brown and black heart hanging from it. Each heart representing one of their dogs. It's moments like these that give me a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. The handbag is a daily reminder of how bless I am to have such wonderful animals in my life. 

    I was on a nature walk with one of my client's dog, when I got a call that my Mom neeeded emergency surgery. This dog knew I was upset,  comfort me and licked the tears off my face. She was my emotional support through a difficult time in my life. Even though she doesn't need my care anymore, I will never forget her. She is one of the pets that inspire me to take this pet care on a more serious business level. 

    Go over the pet care provder's resume and references. I can email or text you my resume. Since I got their permission, you are welcome to email or call my current clients for references.  Always, have a meet and greet to see if your pet and the pet care provider is a fit. Discuss with the care provider their duties, your concerns and expectations. 

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