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Sharp Dressed Pets Grooming

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At Sharp Dressed Pets Grooming we strive to make every pet look their best in a calm fear free environment. We offer 1600 sqft of beautiful clean salon space for your pet to roam and play while they are waiting for mom/dad to pick them up.

Our pets are scheduled by appointment so they are our only priority in that 1-2 hr slot.

Every pet who comes to our salon can enjoy a carefully curated space for him or her to hang out with the groomers in a safe, calm environment.

They are allowed to lounge wherever their hearts desire, even the couch 😁

We limit our dog intake per day and space out appointments appropriately so that your pets can not only be groomed in a timely manner in a stress free environment and they also are allowed to have small breaks if necessary.

Your pets comfort and safety our our top priority, you will get a consistently gorgeous haircut at every visit, and we will always prioritize great communication with you regarding your fur baby!

Here are some great highlights our salon offers

🐾 cozy environment to relax

🐾 allowed to take breaks


🐾 Treated as if they were our own!

🐾 Groomed with calm vibes

✨ Another very unique highlight ✨

I am a certified groomer, which is not a very common in my profession as grooming is not a “regulated” industry. I took the steps necessary to get certified on my own so that I can be better educated and well versed in my craft as it is very important to me and the clients I care for. 💖


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1 employee
1 year in business
Serves El Cajon , CA

Payment methods

Credit Card, Cash, Check, Venmo, Square, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Stripe, Zelle

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Dog size

Extra Small (1 - 15 lbs), Small (16 - 25 lbs), Medium (26 - 40 lbs), Large (41 - 70 lbs), Extra large (70+ lbs)

Dog coat type

Smooth, skin-like coat, Wavy or curly coat, Silky coat with fine hair, Wiry, bristly coat, Thick, fluffy double-coat

Additional dogs

Yes, 1 additional dog, Yes, 2 additional dogs, Yes, 3 additional dogs

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    Sheridan E.

    My physical health is getting worse so it was nice to finely find someone that would come to me
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    April 02, 2021
    Hired on HomeGuide


    Deana S.

    Amazing! She patiently waited until my dog was comfortable to go in the van. She was kind and loving towards her. We received washes and cuts for both my fur kids! She’s great!
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    July 30, 2019


    Tammy f.

    How caring and knowledgeable she was. And the fact my dogs had never had a professional grooming and they all seemed to love it even my chihuahua Gus who likes No one and dislikes bathes even more. Thank you kelly I am so proud of you!!!!
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    July 30, 2019


    Teri L.

    She came to my house, did an excellent job grooming my dogs. So easy and simple. Wonderful with your pets.
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    July 30, 2019


    Sandra C.

    Prompt. Kind, Loving & Patient with my fur babies. They looked and smelled amazing after their spa day.
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    July 30, 2019


    Jamie F.

    Kelly was very professional. My dog was very happy and loved her bath. She did her nails as well! Would recommend her to anyone
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    July 30, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    You can either call, txt, or book online. I will take down your information, keep it all on file in my private system, arrive to your home, go over the grooming you wish to have done, then precede with grooming your pet with care!

    I  have trained under a handful of very qualified groomers as well as veterinarians in the past 10 years! I also continue my education yearly by going to groom expos that provide classes. 

    Toy breeds


    Bath and Tidy-$90 and up

    Premium groom-$125 and up

    Small Breeds 


    Bath and Tidy-$95 and up

    Premium groom-$135 and up

    Medium Breeds  


    Bath and Tidy-$100 and up

    Premium groom-$145 and up

    Large Breeds 


    Bath and Tidy- $120 and up 

    Premium groom-160 and up

    Extra Large 


    Bath and tidy- $135 and up

    Premium groom-180 and up


    81-100 lbs

    Bath and tidy- $150 and up

    Premium groom- $200 and up


    101+ lbs

    Bath and tidy- $200 and up

    Premium groom- $250 and up

    *Special Pricing for Doodles 

    Bath and tidy- $150

    Premium groom- $180


    short hair domestic-

    Bath and tidy- $135

    Premium groom- $160

    Long hair domestic-

    Bath and tidy- $135

    Premium groom- $160 and up (depending on cut)

    With a dream and zero money, I called around to every bank who all turned me away, until finally landing on my own bank who agreed to loan me the money for my first van! I took the leap of faith, trusting in my ability to groom as well as my experience in multiple shops (corporate, private, and very offices) to guide me through owning my business! 3 years later I purchased my brand new 2020 Wag n Tails conversion van and am proud to say I am doing better than I thought I would. I really enjoy my business, and I love meeting all my new clients along the way!

    recently we have had a lot of great story’s, but the one that makes me proud to be a business owner is the freedom to volunteer my grooming services as freely as I like! I have helped two rescues this month alone with a few Great Pyrenees’ at each location!

    it makes me feel so good knowing these pups are happy and comfy and the people who work so hard to keep a roof over their head are so grateful as well.

    My advice is to think about your pet before the price. Yes, I'm really you could go to perch and spend half the money... however you will not get; a organic smile on your groomers face, a haircut you really love!, and best of all a personal one on one grooming experience your pet will enjoy.

    What services you desire. 
    What haircut you desire (pictures help)

    Services offered

    Cat Grooming
    Dog Grooming