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Novo Domus Studio

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We provide architectural design services for residential projects of varying scale, scope and budget. Kitchen, bath or full remodels, additions, expansions, ADU’s and groundup projects. In addition we provide full service interior design from furniture selections to art and accessories.

1. How do we begin | We start by conceptualizing a Vision for your project based on your wishes and needs. Factoring in opportunities and constrains.

2. The Floor Plan | Once we have established the Vision we develop a schematic set of plans that will be the base for the next phase.

3. Developing the design | This is where we take your plan and bring it into the design development phase, essentialy the fun part, where the spaces start to transform or become more than just a dream. Plans to elevations, finishes to details. It’s a phase of great collaboration and creativity.

4. How is it built | We prepare detailed plans and gather all the infotmation required to build.

5. Getting permission to build | We will take care of permitting with your local planning and building departments.

6. Having it built | We will prepare Bidding documents and contractor coordination provided as part of our services.

7. Interior Design | We will assist with interior design and guide you with selecting furnishings for your new spaces | As part of our design approach we believe the design process is a journey from the outside in.

Our intention on every project is to explore and reveal its greatest potential. We create elegant, simple and modern spaces. We design around how our clients live, their experiences and history. We want to know what they need, what they like and what they aspire to. Our ultimate goal is to have our design reflect the lives that will inhabit these spaces in a harmonious and seamless way.

The intimate relationship that develops between designer and client is what drives and keeps us existed about what we do. The collaborative process, which at times leads our clients to rethink how they want live and to be open to changing how the live, is an elemental part of what inspires us. To re-imagine and recreate is exiting. And as every client is unique, every project leads us into something new, new solutions, new ideas and new designs. It is with the trust and freedom our clients bestow us that find clarity that ultimately leads us to a beautifully designed project.


2 employees
15 years in business
Serves San Francisco, CA

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    Susan K.

    Shes smart, insightful, detail oriented, easy to work with and gets things done on time. Plus she is a really nice person.
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    May 29, 2019

    Gabriel O.

    I like creative designs and innovative praxis, and most of that conjures together with talented people the new love, our new home.
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    May 29, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Listen, evaluate and advice. We wat to get to know you prior to starting the design process.  We find that the more we develop an initial dialogue the better the project outcome.


    24 years of experience in design and construction. We focus primarily on single family residential projects but are open to collaborate on any project we see as having the potential to create great design and a rewarding client relationship.


    Once we have discussed you project, your needs and determined scope we will provide you with a detailed proposal and outline fees for each phase of your project. Services are billed on an hourly basis with an estimated fee based on the time we expect is required for each phase.

    Project phases are broken down by percentage of work required for each phase:

    1. Vision Study – 10% of budget

    2. Schematic Design - 10 % of budget

    3. Design Development- 25 % of budget

    4. Permit Documents – 25% of budget

    5. Construction Documents – 25% of budget

    6. Construction administration -10% of budget

    7. Interior Design Services – this is billed on an hourly basis and not part of design and construction phases


    Architecture and design have been my passion since I can remember. It also helps to have a creative family of architects and artist.

    All kinds, all great and many now my friends.

    A client crying from happiness when she saw her new kitchen which speaks volumes since she is a chef! 

    Make sure you hire someone talented, capable and responsible, but most of all someome that you connect with on a personal level. 

    1.Whats is your budget?

    2. What is the scope of the work?

    3 What is your time line?

    4. Be clear about your needs and expectations.  

    5. How involved do you want or can be in the design and construction process?

    6. What is your aesthetic? traditonal, transitional, contemporary, modern, minimalist, eclectic or a blend of one or the other?

    Services offered

    Architectural Services
    Interior Design
    3d Design & Modeling