My services definitely stand out due to my passion & patience toward the pet + aim to achieve your endgame image on how you want your pup to look . I also like to explore my creativity & run into your imagination a little bit for customers who want to dip into Asian fusion grooming & / creative art such as pet friendly hair dye - chalk / bows & ties .

I most enjoy the experiences I get in meeting a bunch of different breeds , connecting w/ the animals & making them as comfortable as possible . One of my favorite things about grooming as well is getting to know the pet parents & building that relationship & trust .

i earned my credidation from Petco & I was working w/ the company for about a year & a half . I ended as an assistant salon manager before I decided to venture off on my own to explore my creativity . I have started an Instagram page for some of my work @PAWSOMEGROOMS_ as well . I specialize in terriers & poodle breeds . I own a husky myself & she’s very wooly . So if a hard long thourough brush out is what you’re looking for , you’ll for sure get that w/ me ! I’m also fairly knowledgeable in the field of nutrition for your pal to keep the skin & coat silky smooth .

Another great aspect I take from dog grooming is the constant learning . Grooming standards change all the time & it is important to keep up .


Hired 2 times
1 employee
4 years in business
Serves Piedmont, CA

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  • Reviews

    0 reviews

    Sunny S.

    My dog was happy and well-cared for. She was friendly
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    May 14, 2020
    Hired on HomeGuide

    Veronika M.

    Very friendly and good with my dog
    ... Show more
    September 09, 2019

    Ashli W.

    Glenda is a total pro. She not only does a great job with the actual services, but she is also highly compassionate and patient, which goes a long way with me. I have been loyal to her since I took my dog in for his first haircut. She was also a great resource giving me advice about other dog-related things other than just grooming. I would recommend her to anyone that would listen. 😊 Dunkel and I ❤️ Glenda!
    ... Show more
    September 04, 2019


    Glenda is awesome and she is very knowledgeable about her job. She treated my baby, fudge, like her own dog.
    I highly recommend her to groom your doggies. She does home service.
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    September 04, 2019

    Donna F.

    Glenda is amazing. My white Standard Poodle, Carlo the Magnificent loves her. She is an outstanding groomer, the best!
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    September 01, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    Taking a Client History /
    " Can You Tell Me A Little About Your Dog ? "

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression , I feel it's important to get off on the right paw—er , foot with first-time grooming clients .

    Communication & preparation are key to making that first grooming experience a good one .


    • Has the dog ever been groomed before ? If so , what was that experience like ?
    • How well does the dog handle strangers ?
    • Is the dog aggressive toward other dogs ?
    • Does the dog have any allergies / chemical sensitivities ?
    • What behavior does the dog exhibit when it's nervous / stressed ?

    Also I will run something what is called a 7 point check on your pup to check everything such as his / her ( nose , ears , eyes , nails / paws , skin / coat & ask health history ) . Just so I know all the ins & outs of your pet such as diabetics , lumps & bumps , dew claws , fatty tumors etc )

    i am a SAFETY FIRST groomer & will always make sure I give your dog a comfortable spaw day . 

    I got my credidation for grooming from Petco in 2018 . It was a 12 week coarse where I learned all the rules , safety procedures , techniques & breed grooms in San Francisco . I worked w/ the company for about a 1 1/2 & ended my run there as an assistant manager in a salon . Ive also dabbled a little bit on Asian fusion which came w/ self practice . 

    Haircut packages -

    X-small / Small ( 1-25lbs )       $45+

    Medium ( 26-49lbs )                $60+

    Large ( 50-70lbs )                    $80+

    X-large ( 71-100lbs+ )              $100+


    Bath packages -

    X-small / Small ( 1-25lbs )       $35+

    Medium ( 26-49lbs )                $45+

    Large ( 50-70lbs )                    $60+

    X-large ( 71-100lbs+ )              $80+


    Prices may increase due to hair texture ( matts ) , creative requests ( pet friendly hair dye ) , extra brushing time / pet behavior . 

    My story is that I was a Medical Assistant that was in love w/ animals ( wrong area of work , right ? Lol ) I owned an Alaskan Husky & late 2017 , WE GOT PREGNANT !! She had her litter of 8 adorable & healthy babies on January 21st , 2018 & it woke me up from actually working in a field that wasn’t a passion to me internally . I got blessed w/ the opportunity to do dog training & eventually transferred departments into grooming . Stayed over a year , earned a skill set & now I’m venturing off on my own as an entrepreneur & expanding - exploring my creativity .

    I’ve encountered a variety of different clients in my time . Everywhere from first time puppy cuts , to elder dogs who have a problem standing for a long period of time . I love having conversations w/ pet parents as well & getting to have a bond w/ them to show my bubbly personality .

    I love doing creative grooms especially for peo ple who enter / visit pet festivals / competitions . I’ve done a fair share of them & I enjoy having someone’s imagination come to life for how their pet could look like !

    i especially love working w/ poodles !

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions !

    Ask questions like -

    — Besides shampoo / haircuts - what other services does a groomer provide .

    See if they have the proper tools & knowledge for removing mats , trimming nails & cleaning ears . Professional groomers can make you aware of ear infections , teeth decay & skin problems .

    — May you stay & watch your dog get groomed .

    Your own nerves can make your dog more anxious , but it’s not unreasonable to want to observe , at least the first time . It’s also a good opportunity to observe your dog’s behavior for future visits , but if it comes to the safety of the groom & he / she moves too much / doesn’t act accordingly then I may need to ask pet parent to step away .

    — Do you have experience w/ a specific dog breed .

    Some breed have particular grooming needs , so you may want to seek out a groomer who has experience with your specific breed . Ask whether he / she knows what the breed standard is and whether they can perform the correct hair cut for your breed .

    — How much will the grooming fee cost & if there are any hidden fees .

    It shouldn’t be your first concern I personally feel , but it’s a question you want to ask upfront to avoid any sticker shock . The cost of a dog grooming can vary by dog size & coat type , as well as what services are included in a standard bath / groom . Some dogs also take longer to groom than others . A groomer will be able to quote you a rate once they are able to assess your dog’s individual needs . I have a flat rate for the weight & hair texture of your baby & there are NO hidden fees . I will always try my best to work w/ you . Prices only change if there is any additional works you would like done ( Ex ; Mat removal , hair dye , bows - ties etc )

    The realistic behavior of their dog when it comes to getting things done such as nail trims / haircuts . Ask how / what we do as groomers to help prevent stressful situations for your dog . 

    Ask / show pics of how you would like your dog to look like afterwards . 

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND that photos found online VIA google / magazines that some of those photos may be edited & / the hair texture from that dog to yours may be completely different & not approachable at all .

    Services offered

    Dog Walking
    House Sitting
    Dog Grooming