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V’s Paws With Claws Pet Services

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I am a college student studying to apply to veterinary school. I’ve always had a passion for animals and love that I am able to work with them before I complete my veterinary degree and help people in the process. I am a self taught t and then I worked at Pet Club grooming salon and learned some new tricks, I now work again from home and have 2 years experience grooming. I have also been pet sitting for 10 years now and am mostly focusing at traveling to your home for sitting at this time. Since I am in college I do have to go to class 3 times a week but I still have plenty of time to care for your pets and 4 day weekends to book grooming appointments. I also am young and can meet high demand exercise needs, I even have a high quality bike leash if your dog is into running! I am looking to get into some dog training, I’ve done a lot with obedience but I want to learn more about behavioral, which I have done lots of research in but haven’t had much of a chance to apply these skills, so dog training would be cheap at this time until I can figure out my skill set.


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Suzan C.

She’s very knowledgeable about animals even though she’s pretty young! You can really tell she cares and is passionate about them. Vlada both grooms and sits my dog and he’s always happy to when I drop him off and pick him up, so glad we found her.
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January 16, 2018

Arlen S.

The professionalism, compassion, and friendly service.
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January 15, 2018

Frequently asked questions

Upon contact I ask about species and breed of the pet, what service they are interested in, and either schedule an appointment for grooming, a meet and greet for pet sitting, or a consultation for training.

Mostly self taught, groomed at Pet Club grooming salon for 5 months and received training there after about 2 years of being self taught. I know some patterns but I mostly prefer grooming for functionality and health; however, I have a good amount of experience in keeping dogs fluffy as well!

Have been pet sitting 10 years and have gained lots of experience with many different animals. I am young and able to take on exercise needs of high energy animals as well; I have a high quality bike leash to use to run with dogs or I can hook them up to my scooter to pull, or just walk around the neighborhood as well.

As for training it is a bit of a new thing so prices are low right now, but I have done lots of research, use positive reinforcement, and have tons of experience as far as obedience goes, but am looking to do more behavioral work. I myself have a cattle dog rescue that I adopted at 3 years old with fear aggression, anxiety, and a plethora of issues, she is much better now with a lot of work and counter conditioning. I just want to be able to help out other people with similar issues and enjoy their dogs and their lives.

Pet Sitting:

Boarding- $25 a night + $10 per additional dog

Daily Visits- $15 per visit (may vary by location)

House Sitting- $40 a night with overnight stay + $5 per additional pet


Bath, brush, nails grinding, ears, and teeth:

small dog- $15

medium dog- $20

large dog- $25

Extra large dog- $30

Giant dog- $40


+ de-shed treatment- $15

+anal glands- $12

Hair cut:

small dog- $45

medium dog-$50

large dog- $55

Extra large dog-$60

Giant dog- $70

Cats are a situational basis but expect $40-$85

+ de-shed treatment- $15

+anal glands- $12


Free consultation!

Usually $20 an hour for now.

Mostly self taught in grooming, lots of  research and videos.

Started sitting for a flight attendant in the neighborhood and gained many new clients and sit mostly through a Rover.com now.

Training with my pets and the animal I pet sit. I have a cattle dog with fear aggression and anxiety and have done countless hours of training with her and it has helped tremendously. Obedience training is another skill I have sharpened, I’ve even trained my cat a few tricks before!

Services offered

Dog Walking
Cat Grooming
Pet Boarding
Pet Sitting
Dog Training
Dog Grooming
3d Design & Modeling