"Smart Match saves me a lot of money. I only pay when the customer reaches out."

Rachel M.
Member since 2014

How does Smart Match work?

You tell us which customers to match you with, and we’ll send your quotes for free. You pay only when interested customers reach out to you.

Customer see your
business instantly
Only pay when you’re
contacted by interested customers.
Take back your time,
no more quoting.

Let’s dive into the details.

Tell us which customers are right for you.

Set up your preferences so we can match you with the right customers. You have full control of your preferences and they can be changed at any time.

step 1

We work for you.

While you’re going about your day, we’re introducing your business to customers who are a match to your preferences.

step 2

Connect with interested customers.

You will be notified and pay only when an interested customer contacts you. Customers might message you, call you directly, or schedule an appointment.

step 1

Respond and get hired.

Respond quickly to customer messages and tell them why you’re the right choice. When you’re hired, customers pay you directly and you keep 100% of your earnings.

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Track your success and improve.

Check your insights to see how you’re doing and get feedback on how to improve.

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Try Smart Match today.

Getting new customers is easier than ever before.