Profile Guide

Your profile is how you inform customers about your services, build trust, and help customers decide that you are the pro to hire.

Your profile is important.

Build trust.

Use your profile to show the customer who you are and what you offer.

Showcase your skills.

Add pictures of your work, so customers can see you in action.

Get more hires.

Prove you are great and increase your hire rate with customer reviews.

Let’s look at your profile.

Profile picture

Customers want to see who they are talking to. You can use a company logo for this, but a picture of you is what customers really want to see.

step 1

Business name

Your business name is something customers will share with others, so choose one that is clear and easy to remember.

step 2


This is how customers learn about your services. Explain what makes you great and why you’re the right person to hire.

step 1


Customers use reviews to make hiring decisions. Reviews are the best way to promote your business.

step 1


Take your profile to the next level by adding photos and/or videos of things like your facilities or action shots of you working.

step 1

Let's review.

Get reviews

Reviews will get you hired. Try to get at least 10 reviews to stand out.

Add a profile picture.

A picture of you works better than a logo.

Explain your expertise

Tell customers why they should hire you.

Showcase your work.

Add at least 3 photos or videos that show off your skills.

Choose a business name.

Select a name that is clear and memorable.

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