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How it works

Things work a bit different with Smart Match. When you’re ready, learn more about How Smart Match works.

Set up your account.

Create a business profile and set your preferences, so we know which customers are right for you.

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Introduce yourself to new customers.

With Smart Match, we will automatically introduce you to new customers, for free. Otherwise, you pay to send a custom introduction yourself.

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Communicate with customers.

After an introduction is made, customers can follow up with you by calling or sending a message. With Quick Match, this is when you pay; when an interested customer contacts you.

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Get hired and paid.

Respond quickly to customer messages and tell them why you’re the right choice. When you’re hired, customers pay you directly and you keep 100% of your earnings.

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Track your success.

Use your insights page to see how you compare to the competition and get feedback on how to improve.

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Maximize your results.

A great profile is paramount.

Make sure your profile is full of information and reviews. It will help you stand out and get more hires.

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Speed makes a difference.

The faster you respond to customer requests, the better. Respond fast or set up Smart Match so customers hear from you instantly.

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Knowledge will help you succeed.

Understanding how you compare to the competition and using feedback to improve will help you are get the results you want.

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